Technique Histeria

Hello there friends and other critters!

Today I want to speak of what I call Technique Histeria. All thoughts about it is extremely subjective and taken from my personal experience with myself and other people having it.

So what is it?

It's when a person starts to force themself to use a certain tech because someone else have said that it's DA BOMB and that it fixes all your problems. So you will try to use that technique on every single detail on any given project, which will cause frustration. A frustration that leads to burnouts because your results aren't getting to the expected results.

Why does it not work? It must be pure talent that the artists around the world have which makes everything work. Or I suck so badly that I just as well can burn the brushes. Yeah, it will result in a revelation of The Burning Brush!

Do I suck?

Nope, not at all!

The thing is that even if something or someone tell you that they use a certain technique exclusively, in most cases they arent and are not even thinking about it themself very activly. They have spent hours upon hours practicing what they do and work alot from muscle-memory. Sometime they're even regulated by companies to answer in a certain manner on what products and techniques is used.

In reality an artist uses any given technique that they have in their arsenal which are right according to them for a certain task at hand. Exactly as a carpenter or mechanic. They may be using a certain tool for most jobs, but theres always those nooks and crannies which require something else.

Trying to tighten a bolt with a hammer is just plain cumbersome, since it's not made to do that.

"A fool with a tool is still a fool"

-Someone? Heard it from Michael Bartels

I like to refer knowledge of a technique as a tool, which makes a set of them into a toolbox. Full of glorious tools.

Rusty Toolbox

Instead of trying to do everything with for example glazing OR wetblending OR 2 Brush Blending, use them all where they seem fit. A much better thing to focus on is the knowledge of when to apply a certain thing.

Dont think so much!

This is a hard one. I know since it's the essence of who I am! My thoughts spin around at 180km/h, most of it is alot of flack towards myself when trying to achive results. I project goes on myself that are not in my reach, yet.

I have gone through many different types of fixations during my time as a hobbyist; I have tried to do everything with Layering, Glazing, Wetblending, 2 Brush Blending and many other things. I have also done the color range jumping, Citadel was the first then came Vallejo Game Color, then Model color and after that comes P3. Take into account that in all cases I purchased the whole ranges of colors.

I have purchased everything from cheap to expensive brushes, sculpting tools and even accessories around that.

Well, I can also throw this into the mix.. Exact color mixes. Yeah, those magical recipies of goodness that contain 1 drop of snot green and 2 drops of ambrosia.

Why? Someone good/awesome told me that they used it when I asked. Hence, those thing had to be a key to the greatness.

In between everything of this, I got burned out so damn quick and often that it isn't even funny... Why? Because I demanded of myself to achive my peers results with the tools they said was used and I wanted it NOW. Immature, I know.

In essence.. STOP Chasing the blurple rabbit!

In the recent year or so I have started to look beyond the works of an artist and try to see what makes them tick.

And I realized, all of the people I admire had something in common. They are happy, love what they do and does not seem to bother with using any specific tool. If they need to saw, they grab a saw. They use the right tool for the right job and earn milage from it which creates epic results.

Another thing is that because of that milage, they do not worry about taking risks while creating. Even if they have created an awesome piece they still feel comfortable trying to go an extra mile since they don't worry about not being able to recreate the previous results in case of a disaster. While someone that lack milage are afraid of destroying previous work.

In drawing they say, if you can't draw an eye. Draw eyes. When you are happy with the result after 30 minutes of work, dont stop. Keep going, draw more eyes until you can create a good result in a short amount of time, when that have been achieved you don't need to worry about ruining an eye when experimenting.

Detach pride from your work, attach it to positive feedback and the finished piece instead . By putting in pride when working you will be crippling yourself in most cases.

When I did that, I started to flex my limits. Tried new things and became a happier painter and even human. I can take pride in feedback coming from a posted WIP, it even keeps me going. But I try to stay away from putting it into the WIP itself.

Learn new things, try new products. Don't fixate on them. Thats when the hysteria starts to creep into the hobby.

This turned into a broader post than intended, sorry about that but when I start getting into writing thoughts down it all comes at the same time!

Published 2015-03-24 11:00:00 by Inquizarus