New job

Well, hello there again!


It seems like I may have forgotten this page. Ofcourse I havent!

During the start of 2015, I changed job and since then there have been stressfull to get used with the new concepts and such. I now work 100% from my own home, which everyone that have done it know present challenges. But it's getting sorted out.

I'm also reworking some backend code, planning on building a function that let's me create books and things like that. The main reason for that is one of my other creative projects. A miniature-RPG game called Gothica. More info will come!


When it comes to miniatures, there have been some standstill sadly, but I will better myself. I have some small plans to maybe visit Monte San Savino in Italy in November. It's one of the best places for us miniature-nerds to meet up I have heard.


Until next time! :D

Published 2015-03-09 08:21:02 by Inquizarus