In loving memory

This was a project which lies close to heart since playing Final Fantasy 7 was an ongoing endeavour through my teens. If there ever was a rebel in me during that time it must have been when my mother kept yelling at me for staying up whole nights playing that game after I got it.

The game was a staple of what consoles where capable of, one can look at it nowdays and think of it's graphics as horrendous but this is what kickstarted 3D in RPG's.


This piece was intended to pose Cloud Strife at the shrine of his friend Zack Fair after the game is finished but before the movie Advent Children. Holding in his hand a mourning band of Aerith Gainsborough which was murdered by Sephirot. (Spoiler I know, but If you havent played the game yet. There is only one to blame)

The project is up on putty&paint where there are bigger pictures (but not really better since I rely on my phone for pictures currently)

Published 2017-01-06 13:10:31 by Inquizarus