Creating glassbead tokens

Hi there again!

It's time for another tutorial on a subject that's quite new even for me, I found inpiration for it on the privateerpress forums and decided to give it a whirl!

As a gamer, keeping track of spells, buffs and other information are essential both for you and your opponent. This is usally represented ( In my experience atleast) by small plastic bits that a short abbrevation is written that describes the effect.

Surely there must be a better way of doing this?

Enter the.. Glassbead tokens!

This is the first batch that I ever made, the three to the left is quite bad but the two to the right is quite OK and I'm happy with the results. The bead has a magnifying effect to the text and makes it quite clear to read even from a distance.

So lets get started with creating some!

Whats needed?

  • 1 Piece of 20mm brass cabachon setting
  • 1 Piece of 20mm glass cabachon
  • Rubbing Alcohol or other solvent that removes grease
  • Some cue tips
  • Some toothpics
  • One spare brush
  • Gloss Varnish
  • Paper with desired text on it
  • Scissor


And let the games begin!

First, create a design of what you want. I decided to create it digitaly with photoshop and then printed it out and lastly cut it out. Would be wierd to do it in any other order I guess. :)


After doing that you should clean both the setting and cabachon to remove any grease from fingers or other sources since this will prevent some disasters to happend druing the creation process. :)


After that you apply a nice evenly spread layer of gloss varnish on the setting and place the cutout in it. (If you missed to remove any grease you will notice here that the varnish will pool up).

Be sure to press down the cutout and use something flat to remove any trapped air under the cutout.


Now apply one or two layer of gloss varnish on top of the cutout.



Let this dry completly before going to the next step!

Now, take the glassbead and apply some superglue on the flat side of it and spread it out evenly over the entire surface. Then quickly flip it over and put it into the setting that have been prepared and push HARD to prevent that any air get trapped inside/under it. Hold down for atleast 1 minute.


You should now end up with something looking like this.


And thats all folks! Not really that hard, but as you saw in the first picture I showed it took some tries to get the steps right. If you have any questions you can contact me through InquizarusMMA on facebook. Just send me a message and I will try to respond quickly. :)


Most credit for this goes to PG_Tylo on the privateerpress forums in this thread.


Published 2014-12-21 12:18:11 by Inquizarus