A start

Well hello there and welcome!

This is officially the first post here on this, blog.. Article thingy.. Website, which will act as a way for me to communicate on a steady base with anyone who is interested in reading what I write more or less. You look at me like I should know..? Well I dont, have no clue of what will come but hey.. I will to the best i can to make it awesome.

You may have noticed that the words Code, Paint and Clay is present in the header. How come, you ask?

Well, to keep it short I have created a page called About which you will find up in the right corner on the site.

A summarize is that I'm a coder that loves to paint and sculpt miniatures and that is what this site revolves around.


I will try to post some usefull information on a regular basis, atleast a couple of posts a week or more when needed. Later there will be an article section where I will write down some toughts about all of the subjects above. I will also incorporate some form of commenting system in the near future so we can "talk" a little better.

Until next time!

Published 2014-12-09 22:03:50 by Inquizarus