I’m Conny “Inquizarus” Karlsson (just as it say’s everywhere else on the site), live in the northern area of the bestest parts of Sweden (in plain Swedish it’s called “B√§stkusten”) and we can leave my age as complicated(actually quite young but with a cranky old man stuffed inside holding the steering wheel).

Enough of such boring information..

I love programming, psychology and philosophy. So most of the content on here will probably revolve around one or more of those, but mostly programming.

Somewhere I picked up a fascination on architecture, design patterns and other more abstract fluffy things related to programming. From the second I got my first real job as a “PHP Developer” I have tinkered with what code can do and especially how frameworks tick. For me it’s HARD to not pick apart some library or framework that I’m supposed to use since I want to “get it” before I put it to use.

Steadily I have worked my way from being a “PHP Developer” into something more akin to a fullstack polyglot software engineer that now sits with a DevOps/SRE hat on.

Tech I

PHP is great Golang is awesome Python is a snek NodeJS runs the world Terraform is magic Docker is boss Vue owns React Digitalocean for developers, by developers