So.. What is this website about?

For starters, it's about self-improvement on my side. What do i mean by that you ask?
Well, there is some things that I value in life and would like to live up to them. One of the best ways of doing this is through a website and having a two-way communication channel.

Most of these values revolves around my hobbies, work and daily life. Some of these are :

  • Learn new things by sharing what you already know
  • Be openminded
  • Try to view things in a positive way even when in a rough spot
  • Swallow the pride, ask questions if needed
  • Do not lead yourself into a state of hubris
  • Make things social, it rewards itself in time

All of them can be applied in any of my areas of interest and even in almost any part of life. To separate my thoughts on each of my big areas I will use some subsections.

The painter

I have been a painter for a long time, I have been in the really far end of bad painting in my young teenage years when playing specialist games as Necromunda and Mordheim. Since then I have had periods of ups and downs in my relationship with painting. Do i like it? Do i hate it?

Now, many years later I have found out that the first is the case, the problem have been frustation of not getting the results that I wanted and also not quick enough. In the frustration i quit alot, gave up on painting "nice" and started to just hurry up the process wich made me grow tired of the whole thing. Much of it because of pressure from both inside and outside of myself.

In more recent times I try my hardest at thinking that it's OK to take the time, nothing important is going to get ruined because that a certain miniature is not complete in time. At worst maybe i cannot go to a tournament or enter into a painting contest, but more of them will come around.

There have really been a surge the last years of awesome people that promote happiness and sharing within the community. I'm grateful of these individuals and kind of see it as my responsibility to help them spread the word.

The sculptor

Sculpting is one of my newer interests, I have always been a heavy converter where it's allowed and it have also happened that i sculpt miniatures from scratch if needed. For some reason I tend to have more patience with sculpting and that probably have something to do with my insights from painting. Of course i still get frustrated but I also know that it takes alot of practice to do something good and that there is a REALLY big difference in heavy converting vs scratch sculpting something.

As a side effect of the interest of sculpting I also have started to learn more about proportions and anatomy. Reading books from well known authors like Burne Hogarth and also study the art of perspective drawing. A whole new spectrum of skills have opened up just because of sculpting. Amazing!


The coder

Programming, or more specifically web development is what I do for a living and it's also one of my oldest hobbies. I'm not afraid of taking on a challenge and I see much value in building things from scratch, even if there are complete packages I could still (In private projects of course) decide to build it myself. Yes, reinventing the wheel is a big debate in my area of expertice but in MY opinion it is a great learning experience to do it yourself and gives great understanding about how things actually work.

This website is a perfect example, built on top of my own framework named CONKAR-MVC instead of using any of the popular out there like Code-Igniter or Laravel and get a magic box of tricks I have tought myself the fundamental principles laying under the hood and have a greater understanding of it all. An even better thing is that i know exactly what it's capable of and where it's limits are.. And even so, if something is missing i can always add the functionality.

Colleagues have laughed at me for spending time doing things that someone else have already "perfected". But hey, who say that they know what is best for me? Many of them are even currently unemployed while I'm having no problem what so ever to get around.. Just saying.

Be openminded, dont fear challenges and instead see them as treats for your brain. Do never shoot yourself down before even trying.

Ok, whats up with the raccoon?

First things first, it's a Washingbear (Straight translated from swedish Tvättbjörn).

It actually represents a spiritual animal that was identified by one of my best friends (and wife), very early in our friendship (at first..). It clearly represents me and who I am for better and worse. I have been known to steal doormats, but also to show empathy towards others and helping out when i can.

Seriously, Washingbear?

No, I'm just kidding with you. It's a Raccoon.
Or atleast it's easier to let you believe that... ;)


Published 2014-12-03 13:35:07 by Inquizarus