In loving memory

This was a project which lies close to heart since playing Final Fantasy 7 was an ongoing endeavou

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Update and revival

This is just a small post after upgrading everything on the site to be run on top of a new framewor

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Technique Histeria

Hello there friends and other critters!

Today I want to speak of what I call Technique Histeria. All thoughts about it is extremely subjective and taken from my personal experience with myself and other people having it.

So what is it?


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Behind the scenes


I'm currently tinkering beind the curtains to make it easier for myself to create more content from any platform and also to integrate different types of social media.

For those that are interested I have now implemented a thing call

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New job

Well, hello there again!


It seems like I may have forgotten this page. Ofcourse I havent!

During the start of 2015, I changed job and since then there have been stressfull to get used with the new concepts and such. I now work 100% fr

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Creating glassbead tokens

Hi there again!

It's time for another tutorial on a subject that's quite new even for me, I found inpiration for it on the privateerpress forums and decided to give it a whirl!

As a gamer, keeping track of spells, buffs and other inform

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Sculpting a demon claw

Recently I found an old tutorial of mine. I thought that i should post it here on this site also.

Tools needed

Sculpting tool similar to Games Workshops one
Clay (Greenstuff used in this tutorial)



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A start

Well hello there and welcome!

This is officially the first post here on this, blog.. Article thingy.. Website, which will act as a way for me to communicate on a steady base with anyone who is interested in reading what I write more or less. You l

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