Universal watch task runner

This is a quick tip for not having to install a watcher that run tasks like build and test for every different project you have The key to this is the Entr package. It’s purpose is to watch for file changes. Just like you would use npm run watch or whatever floats your goat. First and foremost, install entr. $ sudo apt install entr -y Then, these things are best explained by a practical example. [Read More]

Inside an impostor's head

This sounds like really dramatic title, doesn’t it? It’s not as bad as it might sound, but at the same time something that many (me included) suffers from. The curse of never thinking that you’re good enough or rather.. Always having the nagging sensation of everyone and their toddlers can do whatever you can and then more, soon they will figure it out! Basking in the light of technological development of the modern era makes it even worse. [Read More]

When your distro upgrade backfires

So.. The bad thing happened, I went on to upgrade my ElementaryOS version to the new shiny big 5.0 release and kind of screwed it up. But that’s okey I guess? Why did this happen? Primarily I just tend to split root partition from my home one, have been my goto scheme for years when it comes to running Linux. Gives good flexibility and allows me to upgrade however I want. [Read More]

Terraforming your Digitalocean infrastructure

I have recently had the pleasure of getting more intimate with Terraform, the goto tool for reigning-in your cloud infrastructure if you want to be pseudo-independent of a specific cloud provider. My main encounter have been during office hours with AWS as the prime target, an interesting beast in itself since I have only used Cloudformation for this earlier when spinning up serverless projects. At work I have the “benefit” of being presented an existing codebase built with terraform, being a quite large project it easily can get quite confusing when starting to get into multi tier cloud architecture and having to map out where all the different dependencies are within services. [Read More]